Outdoor Therapy

I am delighted to now offer Outdoor Therapy as an alternative to indoor or online counselling (adhering to any current Covid 19 rules and restrictions which may apply)

Please read the following Qs and As if this is something you might want to consider and just get in touch if you would like to know more:

Q. Why might I want to consider having counselling outdoors?

A. There have been many studies that have found that being outdoors in a rural setting has a positive effect on our mental health – it allows us to reconnect with the natural world around us, being with nature rather than seeing it as a separate thing.

The way all living things inter-connect is understood to be important and the movement towards addressing the effects of climate change may have made you more aware of this. You may also want to spend more time outdoors, particularly if you work indoors a lot

Q. Where and when do sessions take place?

A. In a countryside setting (with a carpark to meet at) close to the SN11 area of Wiltshire – convenient for people living in Calne, Devizes, Marlborough and surrounding villages. The session times I can offer vary throughout the seasons, depending on the available daylight

Q. Do I need to be very fit?

A. For the main location I use, you would need to have a reasonable level of fitness and this is something that we can discuss further prior to agreeing to work together in this way. The path is an ancient byway and therefore can be uneven in places with some gentle inclines. During the session, we would agree to walk at a pace that suits us both. If you think that this location may be unsuitable for you (for example, if you use a wheelchair) please do still get in touch and we can discuss looking at alternative, more accessible ones, for example, a local park.

Q. What if it rains?

A. We’d still go ahead with your session, so you might want to ensure that you have suitable clothing, including warm clothes for the winter, walking shoes/boots and waterproofs. The only time a booked session is cancelled would be if the roads to our location are snowed in or too icy – that’s something that would be assessed either the day before or on the day if there was a sudden, unexpected downturn in the weather

Q. I’m interested! Now what?

A. Just get in touch with me via the contact form and I’ll get back to you to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk by phone. We’ll discuss your expectations and hopes from counselling in this way and then, if we both agree it’s right for you, we can take it from there!