Animal Assisted Therapy

Rusty opacity
Q Why might I choose this?

A  Maybe you have very distressing feelings that you find  hard to put into words and would like the benefit of a friendly, calm dog being present in the therapy room. It can provide enormous comfort, helping you to feel calmer, more relaxed and therefore be able to start the process of exploring what you are finding difficult.

Q What type of dog is he?

A My partner in this type of work is Rusty, a collie, who has been specially selected for his temperament. It was very important to me that he was comfortable to work in this way, so with that in mind, I undertook further training with The Society for Companion Animals and I continue to work to their code of practice – click here to download this

Q Has he been professionally assessed for this type of work?

A He has. Rusty has undergone a comprehensive assessment by an independent vet and animal behaviorist for his suitability for working in this way for the benefit of both clients and himself and has met the strict criteria. (Plus, he loves his job!)

Q Do you and Rusty do visits?

A No, this type of therapy integrated with counselling differs to the type where animals visit hospitals, homes, etc. Clients who come to me for regular counselling sessions (normally once a week) can request to have Rusty present as a therapeutic intervention.

If you are interested in working with me alongside Rusty, please email me or phone to discuss further